Download The New Firefox 30 for PC


Fans of the Fox will be pleased to know that Mozilla has now brought out version number 30 of the Firefox browser. While there are no headline-pounding dramatic developments in this version, there are still a few interesting features for desktop and Android worth mentioning. Check out the release notes for desktop and mobile if you want the whole story.

If you use the desktop version, the browser will update automatically as usual when you start it up. And the upgrade for the Android version is apparently slow in making its way to Google Play. So bear with it if you don’t have it yet.
So what’s new? This version is pretty much tweaking and refining the product. As well as the usual bug fixes, the desktop version now includes a button for direct access to the sidebars (social, bookmark, and history), support for GStreamer 1.0, and a new Mac keyboard command (CMD-E) sets find term to selected text.


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