APC South-West Support Groups Advocate for Unity and Fairness in Nigeria


The South-West Support Groups Director General and National Stakeholders, comprising prominent leaders from various All Progressives Congress (APC) support groups, have come together to address key concerns and advocate for unity and fairness within the party. 

APC South-West Support Groups Advocate for Unity and Fairness in Nigeria

In a recent meeting with Dr. Ladan Nasir, the Director General of Amalgamated APC Support Groups, the South-West Support Group DG/NCs voiced their grievances regarding fund allocation and leadership positions. They seek to ensure proper consultation and equitable representation for their members.

During the meeting, Dr. Nasir acknowledged the concerns raised by the South-West Support Group DG/NCs and committed to facilitating a meeting to address these issues promptly. The support groups expressed their confidence in Dr. Nasir's dedication to finding lasting solutions and resolving the grievances. They firmly believe that fostering unity and fairness within the support groups will contribute to the progress and development of Nigeria as a whole.

Also, in a show of solidarity and a gesture of humanitarianism, the South-West Support Group DG/NCs gathered at Unity Fountain, accompanied by Chief Mrs. Folashade Tinubu Ojo, the Daughter of the President-Elect, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu. 

At the event, Chief Mrs. Folashade Tinubu Ojo generously donated wheelchairs to physically challenged individuals, empowering them to make meaningful contributions to the nation. This act of humanitarianism demonstrates the support groups' commitment to addressing the needs of all Nigerians.

APC South-West Support Groups Advocate for Unity and Fairness in Nigeria

APC South-West Support Groups Advocate for Unity and Fairness in Nigeria

The South-West Support Group National Stakeholders emphasize their commitment to safeguarding the peace of Nigeria and ensuring that the needs of every Nigerian citizen are met by the incoming administration of Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu. They are determined to ensure a fair distribution of resources and leadership positions among support group leaders who have tirelessly worked towards the success of their principal. The support groups urge Nigerians to unite and collaborate with the President-Elect in advancing the nation's progress.

As the support groups continue their advocacy efforts, they call upon President-Elect Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu to appoint sincere and capable individuals to lead the nation. The support group leaders and their members are ready to work selflessly and sacrificially towards the realization of their shared goals. They express their optimism that President-Elect Tinubu will reward their loyalty and address the needs of the nation.

The South-West Support Groups DG/National Coordinators extend their gratitude to all Nigerians who supported Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu's victory in the recent elections. They appeal to those in opposition to join hands in moving Nigeria forward, as the nation's progress is a collective responsibility. 

The support groups are determined to press forward until their demands are met, and they invite concerned individuals to join them at Unity Fountain on May 14th, 2023, to make their voices heard.

Jointly signed by the following South-West Support Groups DG/National Coordinator:

• Hon Adewale Adeogun, DG Tinubu National Think-Thank

• Comrade Awokoya Oriyomi Yusuf, DG/National Coordinator Asiwaju Focus Noni

• Hon Omosanya Simeon Adeboye, DG/National Coordinator, Good Governance Ambassardors (GGA)

• Comrade Okedara Kolawole, DG Movement For Greater Nigeria

• Olurinto Morris Olusegun, National Secretary/Co-Founder PROGRESSIVES SOLIDARITY for ASIWAJU, PSA

• Comrade Oluwaseun Ogunleye Gbenga, DG Ekiti Youth For Bola Ahmed Tinubu


• Hon BALOGUN Azeez 


• Comrade Alade Victoria Abiodun NC, CAREER WOMEN FOR BAT

• NC, Hon Folasade Ogunbiyi

• Tinubu-Shettima people's 

• Hon Ahmed Olajide Oseni


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