Olufunmilayo Foundation Launches Back-To-Your-Work Project


Olufunmilayo FoundationLaunches Back-To-Your-Work Project

I’ll Fight Unemployment with Self Reliance Project- Says CEO

By Oyeniyi Esan

In the bid to preach the gospel of success based on hard work, commitment and decent lifestyle, Olufunmilayo Foundation, a charitable Non-Governmental Organization, has launched an initiative tagged the BACK TO YOUR WORK PROJECT, as a necessary measure to empower the African youths that are willing and able to work as self-employed, by providing necessary equipment, facilities, materials and capital.

Through the initiative, the foundation has lifted the burden of seven (7) artisans, three (3) graduates and fifteen small scale entrepreneurs since establishment in 2022, following the demise of Mrs Olufunmilayo Ojo, on whose philosophy the foundation comes into existence with the motto, we rise by lifting others.

The Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Engr. Oluwaseun Phillip Ojo, disclosed during an online keynote message to the beneficiaries  that the project is part of his commitment towards empowering the hardworking youths, by consciously taking in consideration what they have to offer. The project aims to actually give back to society through an unending chain of human value by fighting unemployment and underemployment through self-reliance projects. 

We aim to be our brothers' keepers by truly taking care of survival and success at the same time. I decided to immortalise my mother's philosophy because it is based on service to humanity. I am an advocate of hard work, and I will equally encourage the spirit in others. We don't give food, but help teach to put food on one's table by oneself.

The Nigerian Representative and Director of Oluwafunmilayo Foundation, Abiodun Ojo, also noted that, "The Chairman understood the plight of an Average Black person in the world, because he was once in the shoes of those willing without being able because of some factors, basically financial. The lack of financial security  and assistance, from appropriate quarters, has ruined the dreams of many youths in this part of the world. Our foundation aims to bring people's dreams to reality through serious and meaningful engagement. 

"The foundation focuses on the youth with initiatives and profitable business plans without means to execute such projects. This is why our foundation promises to change the narrative of empowerment beyond the jollof rice and meat, and this is the reason we don't believe in numbers. 

"The foundation preaches quality and not quantity. infact it is not about the welfare but the well-being of the people. Is it not better to empower one (1) person than to feed one hundred (100) persons with one meal? We look at your proposal, and the hopeful expectation before consideration because we are creating chief executive officers not baggers.

One of the beneficiaries, Morenikeji Johnson, noted, “It was a surprise when I was told that my proposal had been granted. Having a shop to myself, and fully furnished to suit my taste is worthy of appreciation. 

"I have promised to help and teach others in need of help, especially those with the spirit to work and live as decently as possible. We are told to learn to lift others, in our whole capacity all for the sake of mankind. We appreciate the Chairman, and we pray to God to replenish his pocket. 

Oyindamola Fatunmise , another beneficiary, confirmed, "Such humanitarian gesture is laudable because the sole purpose has nothing to do with politics or cheap media stunt. I am very grateful to the foundation, because I have been idle since I finished my NYSC programs. With this 21st century that is based on information technology, I promise to change the world with my craft in graphic designs, information management and online marketing. I am hopeful that I am equally changing the world, because in return I must also give back, she concluded.

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