“Disappointment Inspired My First Track”, Ayo Isegun Olu Orun Gba Mi crooner


Ayomikun Babalola, aka, Ayo Isegun, is a talented songwriter and singer who started music at the age of 6. The Ibadan-born music artiste recently released two tracks - ‘Olu Orun Gba Mi’ and ‘Believe’, to the delight of music lovers globally.

“Disappointment Inspired My First Track”, Ayo Isegun Olu Orun Gba Mi crooner
“Disappointment Inspired My First Track”, Ayo Isegun Olu Orun Gba Mi crooner

In this interview with Alli Abiola, Ayo Isegun as he is fondly called explains the journey into the Nigerian Music Industry and his humble beginnings. 


Who is Ayo Isegun?

My name is Ayomikun Babalola, popularly known as Ayo Isegun.  I am from Ibadan. I graduated from Community Grammar School in Ilua, Kajola Local   Government, Oyo State, in the year 2019. I started composing and writing songs at the tender age of 6, but at that time, I only took it as a hobby, until a year ago when I discovered my talent in music. 

Due to the nature of my job as a hair-stylist, I did not have the chance to attend church service until I met Pastor Afariogun, the General Overseer of Holy Victory Christ International Ministry who began mentoring and ministering the Word of God to me.

Later on, I joined the church’s choir, and started music lessons with the keyboardist of the church who also serves as the church’s Music Director. 

During my church convention in 2020, I was opportune to compose and perform the theme of the convention, ‘ORIN TUNTUN - NEW SONG’, to the delight of guests present, my performance was excellent. Since then, I have continued to hone my music skills – never to give up.  

Why the stage name ‘Ayo Isegun’

Ayo Isegun is a combination of my name and my church where I discovered my talent.

As an up and coming artiste, why the interest in Nigeria Music Industry?

I believe no talent is a waste. I also know my songs will win souls.

What inspires your type of music and lyrics?

As a talented songwriter and artist, my environment inspires my music. Most times, I write based on happenings around me or as the spirit leads. My church music director also inspires me a whole lot as the tune and the keys of my lyrics come from him.

Whenever he is rehearsing, I mime songs within, and I document them as lyrics. I also get inspiration when I sleep.

Were your parents happy and supportive while starting?

My dad is late but my mum is in support of every decision I make. She believes in me. Prophet Dr Segun Afariogun who also is my mentor, guardian, and role model gave a positive nod, and I feel confident.


Who is your favorite artiste?

My favorite artiste is Baba Ara of blessed memory. His songs motivate and uplift souls.

Tell us about ‘Olu Orun Gba Mi’ and ‘Believe’

Ayo Isegun - Believe
Ayo Isegun - Believe

Download - Believe

Olu Orun Gba Mi is my first song. It is a ‘Baba Ara’ inspired tune. Disappointment from a friend who promised to host me during a studio session in Oshogbo inspired that track.

He refused communications moment he knew I was in town.

Download ​- Olu Orun Gba Mi

Believe, on the other hand is a song with strong prayer lyrics for everyone determined for success. No matter how rich or famous you are, the song pushes you to do more for life.

It is a song for everyone with a hustling spirit.

How did you conquer Microphone and stage fears?

Performing on stage or facing the crowd is not new. While my Dad was alive, being a Muslim, we usually hold Islamic gatherings when I was either 6 or 7 years of age. During such events, I recite the Hadith, and any other Quranic recitations.

I could remember a night at Eleekuro School field, Ibadan where we held Maulud Nabiy. I performed to an audience of over five thousand people. There is nothing like fear or stage fright.

What is your biggest challenge so far?

My biggest challenge was when I first performed during my church convention. It was not easy transitioning from singing Islamic tunes to Christian way of life. 

Are you concerned that your type of music can get lost in the crowd, a few years from now? Where do you see your music in 5 or 10 years time?

I see myself on big screens and in the hearts of millions of people worldwide because my style of music is different. My music is for all kinds of people, race, and ethnic groups. Everybody can listen and resonate with it. Music lovers and producers will be glad they fell in love with my songs and expertise, as they connect and learn from my music. 

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