Top 20 Ways to Contribute to Fight Against Coronavirus COVID-19 Pandemic

Until today, the world has over 5 million confirmed cases, and we are looking at this number to double or triple due to some countries lacking testing equipment and over 350,000 people died from the pandemic.

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 The world has encountered an inevitable change With the ease of the COVID-19 pandemic, we are looking at many countries ease the lockdown. Many stores and businesses are back to work and hopefully, we will be seeing the economy coming back up soon.

But we still can't underestimate the seriousness of Coronavirus and should take extra precautions.

Here are 20 ways you can better combat Coronavirus COVID-19 Pandemic. 

1. Stay physically active 

Stay active and make sure you can still do some workout sessions at home. It is important to keep your metabolism and circulation system up to avoid any chance of infection. If you are lockdown at home and can’t go to the gym now, I suggest you do follow some 20 mins homework out routine. If you want the following work out routines are some of the ones I take during this lockdown.

2. Look after mental health 

Depression is the number one problem among human now, millions are suffering from this issue. This Covid-19 pandemic brings if not the worst but the same effect on people. Losing jobs, locking down, not being able to socialize normally as before all-cause mental stress. If you have another weird thought, please make sure you call someone and talk about it. Trust me you will feel a lot better.

3. Quit tobacco 

We all know that nicotine, tar oil can make you addicted and create a sticky layer inside your lungs. It damages your respiratory system. The COVID-19 virus is a mutation virus of SARs and it is easier to be infected without a good reparatory system.

4. Eat healthy

Different forms of ingredient intakes are crucial to balance our health. Avoid fried food, sugary drinks, processed meats. If you want to stay healthy and in shape, you could have a diet plan of 50% carbohydrate, 30% protein, 20% oil.

5. Wash your hands frequently and carefully 

Bacteria can exist on a surface or hands over 24 hours. Coronavirus can exist even up to 5-10 days. The best way to avoid bacteria or viruses getting into your mouth or eyes is to make sure you wash your hands frequently and carefully. If you are working in the offices and don’t have to go out too much, I suggest you wash your hands at least 5 times a day.

6. Wear natural gemstone to improve your health 

Gemstones from mother nature have healing properties. The magnetic can improve people’s health and stabilize our blood pressure. You can wear a bracelet or a necklace made of gemstones and you will feel the positive effects in no time. Over these months I have found a pretty cool brand, Azuro Republic. Not only do they offer natural gemstones accessories like Tiger Eye and Howlite, they also held a campaign to help battle Covid-19. If you are after some unique accessories, be sure to check it out.

7. Avoid touching your face

Hands can have 20-100 times more bacteria than a toilet seat without proper cleaning. A lot of the eyes related infections are all due to the contact over your hands. Coronavirus COVID-19 Pandemic can leave on a surface of up to 10 days. Rethink hard before you touch your face or eyes with your hands next time.

8. Stop shaking hands and hugging people 

We talk about social distance, but we if we are with people we know or in the office. It seems like it is avoidable to talk or even be at a close distance from your colleague. But the last thing you can do is NOT to shake or hug people during this period of time. It is said a close contact can increase the chance of getting infected by 200%.

9. Don’t share personal items 

“Hey, can I eat some of your fries?  “Can I have a sip of your coke? “ Don’t do any of these actions. You never know where or who your peers have in contact with. Protect yourself and avoid any possibilities.

10. Cover your mouth and nose when you cough and sneeze 


A lot of us, sometimes including myself, forget or not cover your cough or sneeze fully. I urge you this is the moment we need not just protect ourselves but to have compassion for our surroundings. You will never want your loved ones to get the virus because of some careless person coughing or sneezing with cover their mouth. This would apply to the people around you as well.

11. Clean and disinfect surfaces 

When is the last time you clean your office desk? Or things you use often? This would be a good time to clean your stuff with sanitizers and alcohol. I do this once a couple of days now. Coronavirus can survive up to 10 days on most of surfaces, so please make sure you take this action seriously.

12. Do not gather in groups 

Social distancing is no joke. Not even with your closest friends or a spot you are very familiar with. Don’t hang out with ANYONE if it is absolutely necessary. We should be able to survive without hanging out with them for 3-4 months.

13. Avoid eating or drinking in public places 

Restaurants or bars could be the worst place to go to in this situation. You never know who is around you, and who has seated at your table before. What is even worst is you can not tell customers not to talk or cover their mouths.

14. Wear a (homemade) mask 

Take Taiwan for example. They are only miles away from China but they only have less than 50 casualties. One of the reasons is that the Taiwan government enforced a worn mask in public regulation. Everyone has to wear a mask if you want to take public transportation, subways, trains, taxi, even Uber. This regulation seems very effective. A cover over mouth can make a big difference in preventing to spit saliva on other accidentally.


15. Self-quarantine if sick 

I understand we all need to put food on the table, but please be aware that your action to go to work when sick can jeopardize the health of everyone else around you. Federal and state governments are doing the best of what they can to distribute the compensation in a timely matter.

16. Take social distancing seriously 

Social distancing can be frustrating and inconvenient. If we really want to keep in touch with your friends or peers, we now have all the video communication software for free. It is only a couple of months away from normal life.


17. Clean and disinfect frequently touched objects and surfaces daily


Do you know the best seller from February is hand sanitizer and alcohol? If you are still not using those or at least have any alcohol-related product you can use it within sight. Don’t wait.


18. Keep yourself updated 

There are many updates every day on numerous of authority websites. If you don’t want to keep such a close look at all updates, I suggest you follow CDC updated news and turn on the alert to be fully informed.

19. Carry hand sanitizer at all time 

Carry a portable hand sanitizer is a good way to upgrade your protection of the coronavirus. I have even seen jewelry brands make liquid be applicable to their jewelry design. You can be fashionable and stay healthy at the same time. Portable sanitizer bracelet is one of the good options

20. Remember the above and do it right away 

Start doing all these in your daily life. Stay healthy and safe. We will get over this together.

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