3 Ways To Identify Filling Stations That Supplies Poor Quality Fuel

Most motorists have had bad encounters with some fuel stations. Such encounters include being ripped off by petrol attendants, or incurring some unplanned expenses as a result of poor quality fuel in some of these filling stations. Ultimately, poor quality fuel is not ideal for your vehicle, as it can cause problems for your engine.

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Here are ways to identify filling stations that supply poor quality fuel:


Nowadays, filling stations are a dime a dozen. Because of the competition, some filling stations are not able to compete. Therefore, watch out for stations where there are few customers, as this could be a sign that the place sells bad fuel. Ideally, people would patronize fuel stations if they know they wold derive maximum benefits from the place.


A direct source of complaints would come from commercial drivers more often. For instance, you could come across a furious commercial driver lamenting his losses as a result of buying poor quality fuel. In this case, make sure you find out where he bought the fuel from, and avoid that place.


Some franchise filling stations do not adhere to the strict standards of their umbrella company as well as that of regulatory bodies. The result is that these stations are more interested in maximizing profit than rendering quality service. It is more likely than not that some of these franchise filling stations could be selling adulterated fuel, or otherwise substandard fuel.

With the proliferation of filling stations on every corner, it is important that you patronize known stations that offer better service delivery and quality products. If you would rather just buy your fuel from any random station, you might end up buying substandard fuel, which could cause damage to your car in the long run, and cause you to spend more in future.

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