Do Unto Others What You Want To Be Done To You - Rufai Oseni (@ruffydfire)


 Rufai Oseni in this interview shares the inspiration behind his first published book titled - Keys To Mental Evolution, his love for writing, amongst others.

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Can we Meet You please?

My name is Rufai Oseni, OAP, entrepreneur, co-founder, Poet, Data enthusiasts and a lover of God.

You inspire a lot of people, how well have you faired in mentoring people?

I have done a lot of mentoring and I have a mentor ship base with close to about 5,000 people connected to me directly or indirectly.

Please, share with us what inspires your book KEYS TO MENTAL EVOLUTION

Keys to Mental Evolution was a clear attempt at reshaping the mindset of everybody in general round the world. I have always believed that their is a capacity to do exceedingly great in life with the enablement of God, that is what I x-rayed in the book.

When did you started writing, did something prompt it and is it a career path you're pushing through?

I had started writing for some time now, in fact since my childhood days. I wrote majorly poems and I experimented with different poetry forms ranging from haiku to stoku's most of them still unpublished. I also did write songs and a lot of short stories for children which would be published soon. I joined the Association of Nigerian Writers, Ogun state chapter in my teens, so I have always been writing.

What is your view and philosophy about life?

My major philosophy about life is do unto others what you want to be done to you - pure and simple.

How many books have you published so far and how will you rate the public acceptance knowing the no-to-books menace in Nigeria?

Keys to mental evolution is my first publication but some more materials to come soon like A rebels summary and the seed which are materials I have been working on. The reception has been very great. I think with time this would improve but a lot of people loved the book.

What are your biggest challenge and fulfilment as an author?

My biggest challenge as an author is the craving to be read. Most authors want that and it keeps me awake all night not the money but the craving to be read. My greatest fulfillment is the testimony received as a result of the impact my book has created, many exciting testimonies of how people got their lives back on tract.

Do you think your book KEYS TO MENTAL EVOLUTION as met the reason it was written for?

It's a work in progress that's why the word evolution would suffice here, understanding the power of the mind is a journey of discovery.

What next should people look out for from Rufai Oseni?

More insight and inspiration. We are developing other means of expression. One that just launched is which I am excited to be a member of that family and many things in Tech. Iust stay tuned.

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