Dear U.S, We Need Entrepreneurship Skills Not Money By James Ademuyiwa



That was my laugh pattern when I got the news that "Federal Government gets $2.3bn US assistance to fight poverty. Classical bullshit. *smh*
You are giving monetary support to a country who is capable of feeding its citizens for a whole year without them working and the treasury will still be smiling. Only that the country is unfortunate to have been ill-fated in the hands of faithful marauders.

US, know this, the money a corrupt governor of a state in Nigeria embezzles every month is more than that stipend you are proud of. Don't be surprised if you find out we know it's a decision of the American big brothers to explore our lands in future like your British supposed sacrificial lambs.

 Have You Seen Soul's Voyage?

 If you want to assist us, give us technical know how as a support to the wealth of our natural resources, and stop over using the demerits of your Modernization policies.

Wait! What's your definition of poverty? Oh! You are looking at the Northern part of Nigeria to judge us? I'm sorry if that comprises your definition of it. Well, I would say you are the one suffering from the mother of poverty called GREED. The day you stop unnecessary meddling in the issues of countries in order to explore their wealth's and be contented with what you have, then you would be called rich.

Don't forget, one of your famous song writers (Dolly Patton) once said "one is only poor only if they choose to be". We don't accept we are poor, we are only unfortunate not to have technical know how so, if you want to help, look into the right direction, meanwhile we would prefer China.

Learn from the Chinese advice that "Go to the people; live among them, learn from them, love them; serve them, plan with them; start with what they know, and build on what they have".

Finally, a note to Mr President, if they now decide to go the ways of the Chinese, be on the lookout, they might want to deceive us like the days in yore, to start exploring or neocolonize us. Remember to make them subjects under Nigerian supervisors during their stay on motherland.

Let no black man receive orders like Solomon Northrup in his 12 years, let there be mutual relationship ordered by humanity and let Nigerians be ready to be independent mentally.

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