See The New Method Of Scamming, DO Not Fall Victim!!!


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I have been ill for some days so I needed to go the hospital. I decided to use the never failing access bank ATM machine before leaving for the hospital, I got there and saw a matured man of about 40 at the extreme looking confused.

I was done with my withdrawal and was about leaving when he called me to assist him get his card that it got stuck inside the machine I tried but could not get it out and he said he called on security but they told him they were closed until Monday, well I have done what I could and was already on my way when he called me back to assist him with 10 litres of fuel or cash, knowing that I have money on me, he was showing me his car that it was running on empty and he has no airtime even showed me his bank statement that he has more than 300,000 but just need to buy fuel and was going to pay me back....

I just told him the money I came to withdraw was for my treatment he said he was sorry and left......about a week later my friend came around asking me for cash and said he gave his last card 1500 naira to a man @ the atm gallery....and narrated a similar story, he said the man promised to pay him double the next day but he didn't get nothing from anybody....that was how he lost 1500 naira to a scammer...

So people just be aware and be alert. it's good to help people but help with your sense and don't fall prey to fakers!.

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