Life Lessons From Soccer By Alli Shamsudeen Ayobami


A lot of people worldwide watch the game of soccer keenly; but do you know there's more to just watching the game. A whole lot can be learnt from watching the game. Football is just like culture, it’s a way of life. Millions of people over the world make money from the game. From professional footballers to amateurs, to the ball boys, the newspaper vendors at the street corners and even those who place bets on the game.
Football is more than an identity to these people. So in this first part we will take some similarities between the game and this life.
(1). There Is Always A Stage In Life To Hone Your Skills : - Every week, footballers take to the training grounds to hone their skills. They work on their paces, fitness and passes, playing tactics and marking. What is learnt on the training grounds is very paramount as it goes a long way to determining how they turn out on the match day. Players who do not perform well in trainings always find it hard to earn places or spots in the match day squad let alone the starting eleven. This stage is also found in this life. The training grounds are the classes, the schools or better still level of education. Getting the best education is part of this life. Having the best education leads to better performances at least to a certain level according to my school of thought

(2). Learn To Accept Criticism as they come in two different ways but believe me they might spur you to perform better. Take for example, Mesût Ôzil, German international and Arsenal FC attacking midfielder has been criticized most times for a drop in form. But this year, he seems to have put the criticism behind him and he's putting more efforts. As we have seen in 2015, he now has more tackles, getting more assists and even scoring more goals. This was made evident in his performance against Liverpool FC on the 4th of April with a well taken free kick which was the 2nd goal of the match.

(3). Learn To Take Your Chances As They May Be Very Crucial - At the beginning of the 2014/2015 season of the EPL, Harry Kane of Tottenham Hotspur football club was the 3rd choice striker after first team choices Roberto Soldado and Emmanuel Sheyi Adebayor. The only matches he played were the Europa league matches and cup games. He took his chances well and excelled even to the point of toppling Soldado and Adebayor. He is currently England's best striker and he recently won a call up to the English national team where he scored after coming on as a substitute. He even scored after 79 seconds after coming on.

(4). Hardwork Pays:- Work hard and you can achieve greatness. Ex-Southampton striker and current Liverpool FC of England striker, Rickie Lambert was a carpenter and He played at 3rd division side. Rickie Lambert was focused and found his way to the top going on to represent England and playing for Liverpool after a big money move from Southampton.

(5). You Never Know Who Is Watching So Give Your Best:- Brazilian great and ex Barcelona FC club of Sain midfielder Gaucho Ronaldinho was spotted when he was playing for an amateur league side in his native country. His team won the match 23 nil and he scored all the 23 goals in the match. He later went on to win the FIFA world cup with Brazil, the champions’ league and a couple of league titles with FC Barcelona of Spain.
  To be continued……

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Alli Shamsudeen Ayobami is a student of the University of Ibadan. He is a Member of  the press organisation on campus. Alli loves watching Soccer and his favorite team is  Arsenal FC of North London. You can contact Alli on instagram@alli_icestorm or whatsapp on +2348175259644.

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