Get Free 2GB On Airtel Without Tweaking Your IMEI

It is still the season of free data as telecommunication companies woo their subscribers with freebies. Latest on queue is Airtel who just re-introduced some blocked offers. Andriod users have being lucky as they can tweak their IMEI to get Free Data as they desire.

But do you know, you don't need to go through the stress of IMEI tweaking to get between 500MB to 3GB? Interesting, is'nt it? :d . Thanks to BAOJ Technology Communications (BTC).

How To Get 2GB

From your Airtel line, Just send "join to 141" and you will b given 500MB to 2GB, depending on how lucky you are. You will get the message,  "Congratulations, you have activated the SMART SIM Offer. You have been given FREE 2GB FREE Data Plan valid for 30 days". check the screenshot below.

The free data can be used on all data-enabled phones and also on PC, just set your access point as "" & viola, U're on the World Wide Web :) .

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