Before NYSC Gets It Wrong Again - Open Letter To NYSC


Technology is the name of the trend and it is reflecting in every sector of the environment. The National Youth Service Corp is not left out and they should be applauded for their involvement as it is much expected of them, especially when dealing with intellectuals who are -no doubt- emerging technological inclined adults.

However, before this respected organization gets it wrong by making mandatory the payment of a particular sum before completion of the online pre-mobilization registration, the corrected rod should be pointed and this should be checked or at the least explained.

From the onset- March 2nd when the NYSC portal was opened, it was made available as a choice for students to decide their preferred method of collecting their call up details (number and letter) either from the school or via the internet; it was a choice, not compulsive until recently when for no explained reasons this abnormality was experienced.

There have been previous instances of this organization getting it wrong, little wonder the debate on it irrelevance and the need to be scrapped. The registration however, is scheduled to end on April 4th, compulsive payment or not- those interested should do the needful but the truth be said and the right be done before NYSC gets it wrong again.

---- Anonymous

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