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Over the years, I have watched the Nigerian polity with pity; I imagine the depth of deceits reflecting from the self-acclaimed change agents flocking the Nigerian political scene. I’m non-partisan and I do not crave for the cards of any political party, however, this write-up is one of my many contributions to Nigeria - my country, I have no other. I am tired of re-branded thieves portraying themselves as our “messiah” - I join millions of other patriotic Nigerians to say with no apology that this is not acceptable.

Shall I begin by calling to our memory the whole concept and meaning of change? Change is the process of becoming different or a replacement, I will dwell more upon the term “replacement” in this context; it is brain-sick to replace old for old, the colourful campaigns of familiar faces who has once pivoted and mis-pivoted the affairs of this nation now come at us under a different slogan and a political party smiling pretentiously.

Change should be complete overhauls of the present, anupset and a total replacement by a different set of people guided by a completely different ideology. So if you've been talking about change, I hope this is not too late to truly teach you what change should mean in the right context.

There is nothing wrong in offering change if you think the present administration isn't doing much to better the lives of the citizens (I think so too) but it's very important to take a microscopic look at the gloves of the chef serving us bitter pieces of beautifully iced cakes. 

Their antecedents are glaring, John Odigie Oyegun, was a former governor of Edo State and during his one year rule he didn't contribute anything meaningful to the betterment of his people and every Edo State indigene knows this. During his chairmanship of the defunct ANPP, he just went through the motion like other random godfathers in the political class.

Jagaban himself, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, has a million of people spreading his dirty linen right before the eyes of Nigerians, I mean Nigerians who are not blind. The latest which I deem fit to mention is to make reference to Chief Olusegun Obasanjo's book entitled My watch, right on page (make Jide find out the page to speak as an authority), OBJ said that out of the twenty Governors probed and investigated by EFCC, the present APC national leader is the most corrupt. 

I couldn't agree more considering the fact that he's worth nothing before he came into power in 1999 that was prior to his few months as a senator in 1993. He has since been arrested twice in the USA on the allegation of money laundering and drug deals, the same man single handedly privatized Lagos state in just 8 years. Shouldn’t you join me to laugh at those thinking that this same man really wants to sweep corruption from Nigeria?
Alhaji Atiku Abubakar is not left out either, he ran for the office of the governor in the then Gongola State (now Adamawa and Taraba states) in 1999 (not sure of this date) after falling out of race for presidency in 1993 with M.K.O, Abiola and Babagana Kingibe in the Social Democratic Party (SDP) primaries. In 1998, luck ran his way and he emerged Governor of Adamawa state, as governor-elect he was selected by the PDP Presidential Candidate Chief  Olusegun Obasanjo as a running mate and victory embraced them, well Obasanjo have been overly intelligent and lucky, made that gave him the privilege to seat on the vice president’s seat before he had a stormy relationship with Obasanjo which forced him to run under the platform of Action Congress, unfortunately he lost the elections, the same way he was jagged out of the 2015 presidential race under APC.

People thought he was repentant and took him for a prodigal son when returned to the People’s Democratic Party, later it became clear that he only coveted the presidential ticket in 2011. This was the man who was the Vice President for eight out of the Sixteen years which his present party- the opposition-has describedas ‘miserable’.

The same man who was quoted saying "I will build school for the masses and the school fees is 1.8milliion," now they want to offer us change, (I don’t understand this). Away from their chieftains as the list seems endless, I wish every Nigerian knows this. But something happened recently in Osun State, an APC stronghold in the South-West, there was a mass protest by the workers accusing the state government of owing them five months salary! 

Now, you imagine if it was a PDP controlled state? How can a party campaigning and telling us they want to better the lives of the citizens be owning that much, I think that's wickedness and it doesn't make them different. Anyway I am personally beginning to feel Osun State governor is the one sponsoring the APC campaigns and rallies with his workers supposed salaries, anyways,you can't blame me because I have every right to think that way.

Talking about our 72 years grandfather, GMB will only unnecessarily heat up the polity because a lot have been said about his age, certificate, health and so many things but I think the media should not allow themselves to be used in covering up some vital things. Neither should we waste precious time begging the question. Folly also played out in the APC camp when Former Ekiti Governor, Kayode Fayemi (who is now agitated) took Ayo Fayose to court over the issue of his certificate and Fayose was vindicated after he presented his certificate in court and in public but the best they have to say about the same certificate is that it matters lessnow that's the turn of GMB. What irony and travesty of integrity?! 

The well praised Lagos State Governor, Babatunde Fashola spoke out of paradoxically when he said "old people are not active, if you call them at night they won’t pick" in his unguarded reference to 57 Jimi Agbaje of the PDP. If his opinion is that a 57-year old man is not agile to rule Lagos state, how can a man who is 74 years rule 36 states including the country’s F.C.T? This are questions the APC need to answer before the general elections. 

Please shine your eyes and don't be fooled by people who only want to use you to accomplish their SELFISH INTERESTS. Vote wisely and vote your conscience. God Bless Nigeria!!!

Adekunle Auxano Olajide is a graduate of Forestry and Wildlife Management from FUNAAB. With great passion for sport and politics, he is a political analyst, writer and social media activist. Contact Adekunle Auxano Olajide via @auxanojyde on twitter.

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