Shocking Reason Linda Ikeji's Blog Was Taken Down

Linda Ikeji’s blog was taken down by Google a few days ago due to claims of copyright infringement. 
Why were there claims against her in the first place? It’s implied that some hackers under the direction of one Mr. Aye Dee were to blame.

According to Linda’s post on the matter, the real reason was very, very personal. Allegedly, the shocking reason for this whole hoopla is because of a scorned friend who got upset that he was being ignored. 

It turns out that Mr. Aye Dee actually used to be Linda's confidant that she would seek advice from in matters pertaining to her blog. She knew him under a different alias as Alex of 1976AD and was just as shocked as everyone else when she found out that he was really Mr. Aye Dee.

Linda states that they've been conversing for years, but when she got extremely busy with blogging and flooded with thousands of emails it became a bit difficult to keep up with the conversation.
He claims that he reached out to her for over a year straight, but all his attempts failed.

                                                                  Text convo between Ikeji and Mr. Aye Dee

He later on assumed that Linda had allowed all her fame and opportunities to go straight to her head. He thought she no longer cared for him. So he decided to get some buddies of his to come together to take down her blog. They were determined to get Google, who owns Blogspot, to remove her blog because of plagiarism and copyright claims. 

                                                                  Text convo between Ikeji and Mr. Aye Dee

It’s insinuated from the convo that Aye Dee realizes that Linda hadn’t been ignoring him, but was actually just busy. In his own way he apologizes for his wrong-doing and promises that she will bounce back bigger and better than ever before because of this. 

Check out the full details and extremely long exchange here.


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